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Dress Code

Most dancers will need light pink tights, a leotard and ballet shoes. Dancers will need their own black leotard (with no attached skirt) for the lower school recital. Dancers should have hair pulled back out of face. Please see below for details about the dress code.

Ballet for upper school (2nd grade-12th grade)

       Tights and leotard with or without skirt. Ballet shoes. Dance shorts             are permitted at times. Hair is cleanly secured out of the face,                     preferably in a bun. No hair in face and no baggy clothes.

Jazz/Modern for upper school (2nd grade - 12th grade)

Leotard with comfortable shorts or jazz pants. Hair secured out of face in a ponytail or bun. If you are attending back- to -back classes, Jazz/Modern clothes can be worn over tights and leotard. Students dance barefoot. 

Dance supply stores:

  • Danzar on Merrill Road

  • Make Believe (2 locations)

  • Juliann's on San Jose.  

For lower school, you can also find dance clothes and shoes at Target, Walmart and children consignment shops around town.

Dance should be fun and getting dressed to dance should be too.  If your little one refuses to put on her shoes or her tights, then by all means, bring her in her leotard with a smile.  Although I look forward to training your girls to be in the American Ballet Theatre one day, we are not there yet, so please don't stress out about having the best outfit and perfect bun. If you have a preschooler and a baby, you are doing great if you make it out the door!

Once a month, in the 2-5 year old classes, we will have a "dress up day" class where the dancers can get as fancy and glittery as they want.  For the rest of the month, please keep it simple.            

Light Pink Tights

Tights can be bought at Target or Walmart in the big girls (7-16) section near the socks, tights and underwear.  They have 4-6x tights that work very well even on tiny ones.  They work just as well as the Danskin ones.


During class dancers can wear any color, with or without attached skirt. All lower school dancers will need a black leotard without an attached skirt for the recital. Please no big tutus although they are great for our once a month "Dress up day".       


Ballet shoes

Lower school- Preferably pink leather. Upper school- Pink canvas or leather. Payless does sell ballet shoes that are acceptable for lower school dancers, however they do not seem to be as supple as Capezio or Bloch ballet shoes and the price is only a few dollars different. 

Tap shoes

For the 3-4's tap classes, you are more than welcomed to let them wear black patent "Sunday School shoes".  If that doesn't sound "fun" to your little one, then I would suggest black patent leather tap shoes.  They can be bought at Payless or any dance supply store.  Or there are ALWAYS a million pairs at consignment shops.  For the K-1st grade tappers, you can buy the black patent leather ribbon tie shoes or you can buy an oxford type shoe.  The oxford will cost you more but they are more comfortable and don't slip off as easily.  

Jazz for lower school (2 year olds - 1st grade)

If your dancer is in a ballet/jazz combo class, they do not need jazz shoes. During the jazz portion of class, your child can either wear their ballet shoes or dance barefoot. If your child would like to dance barefoot, we recommend getting them convertible tights or footless tights.

Boy Dancers

Boy's wear athletic shorts, shirt and black ballet shoes for class. 

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