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2022-2023 Policies

Lower School Registration
      When you register, your dancer(s) will be signed up for the whole 2023-2024 dance year. The dance year is 14 weeks in the fall and 14 weeks in the spring with an opt out option at the end of the fall session. We know that sometimes children need to take a break or want to try new things, no pressure to stay all year. If you would like to only dance in the fall, we would be happy to open those spots to new families in the spring. In hopes to be fair & respectful to everyone in this process, we ask that you email us your withdraw request via email 30 days before the start of spring classes. Since the spring semester starts on Jan. 13th the withdrawal deadline will be Friday, Dec 13th. If you need to withdraw your dancer from the spring semester after Dec 13th you will be charged an administration fee of $30.


Sick policy

  • If your dancer is sick, please keep them at home. Please do not send your dancer to class if they are sneezing, coughing, have a runny nose, or have a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

  • Children who are sick (ie. Strep throat, ear infection, flu, UTI, clear non-COVID-19 viral illness, allergy flare up, diarrhea, vomiting) may return to class once properly treated for their condition AND fever-free for at least 24 hours without medication.

  • We recommend each dancer bring their own water bottle if they would like to drink water during class.


Missed classes

  • If your dancer missed a class, they may make up the class by attending any of our other classes for their same age group. For example, your 3 year old missed her/his normal Monday class time. Your dancer can attend any of the other 3 year old classes on the schedule.

  • Please let us know via email which class you have selected for a make-up class. This way the dance teacher can be informed and expecting your child.


  • To withdraw, please email us 30 days before your dancer’s last class. A $30 admin charge will occur if withdrawing without a 30 day notice.


  • Lower School - There is a recital at the end of the fall semester and a recital at the end of the spring semester. You will get to keep your child’s costume. Your dancer will need their own ballet shoes, pink tights and black leotard (with no attached skirt) for the recital. If you child does not wish to be a part of the recital or cannot attend the recital, please let us know as soon as possible. Once costumes have been order, the costume fee cannot be returned but you get to keep your child’s costume.

  • Upper School – In the spring, costumes are rented per class per dancer. Please keep all hair pieces, arm bands, or parts to a costume together in the bag it came in. All costumes will need to be returned the night of the recital. Dancers will need their own ballet shoes, pink tights and nude leotard. Dancers may also nee pointe shoes and/or jazz shoes depending on which classes they take.

Fees & Tuition & Refunds

  • Please see a full list of our fee’s and tuition prices here.

  • Refunds are on a case-to-case basis, a $5 processing fee will be collected for any refund given.

  • Once costumes have been order, the costume fee cannot be refunded.

  • The registration fee ($30 per family) is paid once each dance year and is non-refundable.


We understand that some seasons of life can be more challenging than others. If you would like finical assistants, please fill out our form here.

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