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Tuition and Fees

Tuition is paid monthly. The first month's tuition payment is due at time of registration. If you connect a credit card to your online account, your tuition will be automatically withdrawn on the 1st of each month. All fees will also be automatically withdrawn from the credit card you have on connected to your account. If you wish to pay with cash or check, please contact Stacy at

Tuition rates

$40/month- (1) 30 minute class per week

$55/month - (1) 45 minute class per week

$55/month - (1) 1-hour class per week

$55/month - (1) 1 hour and 15 minute class per week


  • Multiple class discount - each additional class is $30 per month. (Christina takes 2 classes each week: first class $55 + second class $30 = monthly tuition of $85)

  • Sibling discount - each class the sibling takes is $30 per month. *Two year old class not included in discount. (Ryn & Grace (sisters) each take one class a week: Ryn's class $55 + Grace's class $30 = monthly tuition of $85)

  • 7 or more class per week = unlimited classes for $235/month

Registration Fee

$35 per family

This is an once a year fee due at time of registration and is non-refundable. 

Recital & Costume Fee's

Lower school (age 2 - 1st grade)

  • Recital/costume fee - $25 per child/per class.

  • Your child gets to keep the costume. This fee will be automatically withdrawn Oct. 1st 2024 for the fall recital and Feb. 1st 2025 for the spring recital.

  • Dancers will need their own pink tights, ballet shoes and a black leotard (with no attached skirt) for lower school recital.


Upper school (2nd grade-12th grade)

  • Recital Fee - $50 recital fee per family, this fee will be automatically withdrawn on Jan 1, 2025.

  • Costume Fee - costumes are rented $12 per dancer/per class for the recital. This fee will be automatically withdrawn on Feb 1, 2025.

  • Dancers will need their own pink tights, ballet shoes and a nude leotard.

  • Dancer may also need pointe shoes and/or jazz shoes depending on which classes the dancer takes.

Financial Assistance may be available as needed. Click here for more details. 

*Teachers at Hendricks Avenue Elementary will all receive 50% off tuition and fees (except costume). Dance for Joy is a partner with HAPI (Hendricks Avenue Partnership Initiative) through Southside Methodist Church and it is our desire to serve the children and staff at this wonderful school. 

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