About Us

Who we are:

We dance because we find joy in it.  We dance to bring joy to others.

We train our bodies to dance correctly so we don't stay stagnant as dancers but continue to grow and develop our minds and bodies.

We believe God designed each dancer with special gifts and abilities, and He also finds joy in our dancing.

We believe in technical training in the pursuit of excellence, while still enjoying our time in the classroom.

We are growing in age every year. We now offer classes through high school!


Who we are not:

We will not be focusing on competition.

We will not be recital focused, although we will have opportunities to perform.

We will not be expensive.

We will be understanding when students want to take dance break to try a new activity.

A Little History:

After the closing of Shoshannah Arts in 2007 where I previously taught (mostly teenagers), I found myself with 3 small children at home, two of which are girls.  My oldest daughter was almost 3 and I realized that even I (who obviously loves dance) wasn't quite ready to commit the money, schedule and time for my 3 year old that most studios required for a little dancer.  A close friend of mine asked me around that time if I would do a "ballerina birthday party" for her little girl who was turning three.  She had found a gym with an exercise room that would rent out the space for a couple of hours for us to have a ballet class.  There were about 12 little girls at the party, including my own, and we just had the best time and even though I had more experience teaching older children, it turned out that I had the best time too.  Several of the moms and grandmas suggested that I get this group of girls together on a regular basis and have a little ballet class.  So, by the fall of 2009, Dance for Joy was born.  It was mainly started by word of mouth and it has been such a blessing to me and an answer to prayer. I understand what it is like to have young children who may not want to get on stage and dance in a big recital and the feeling you get when you know how much you had to pay for that amazing costume that now no one will ever see.  I know what it is like when your curious 5 year old mid year might like to hang up her ballet shoes for awhile and give soccer a try.  It is my heart's desire that Dance for Joy be a place of joy, both for your dancer and for you.  That this would never be a place for competition or comparison, but that we would all do our best and enjoy dancing.  It is also my hope that the waiting room would be a place of warmth and grace where moms, dads and grandparents would relate to the sweet (some days) stage of life that their little ones are in and that they would find, community, encouragement and even friendship.  We have been doing this now for 12 years and still learning as we go! Will you pray for us as we continue to seek what God has for Dance for Joy! Kit Rossi